Dancing banned in Morinville for the rest of the week

From left: Travis and Lyle, played by Joel and Joshua Dmytrow, take part in some extracurricular activities during a scene in MCHS’ production of Footloose. The musical runs Tuesday through Friday night at the school.

Photos By Stephen Dafoe

Morinville – Dancing has been banned in Morinville this week, at least in the context of Morinville Community High School’s performance of Footloose. This year’s theatrical production is a performance of the 1998 stage adaptation of the popular 1984 film and includes a cast of more than 40 MCHS students.

The cast put on the musical Monday afternoon for students from Georges H. Primeau and Legal School.

The play runs nightly Tuesday through Friday at the high school beginning at 7 p.m. Doors open at 6:15. Tickets are $6 per person and available at the MCHS office and Sobeys.

Chuck Cranston, played by Anthony Nault, dances with Ariel Moore, played by Krysti MacDonald.

From left: Principal Harriette Clark (Rebecca Harrison), Willard Hewitt (Travis Loseth), and Ren McCormack (Keyen Bulger).

Alyssa Turnbull as Vi Moore.

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