Morinville Council briefs

Narrower lots approved for Champagne District

Landrex Inc. was given the green light Tuesday night for their plans to have narrower lots in the Champagne District. After a public hearing, Council gave second and third reading to an amendment to the area structure plan that would change the designation from medium-density residential to low-density residential.

No public input was received prior to or during Tuesday night’s public hearing.

Morinville’s Director of Planning and Development, Greg Hofmann, said price point in the Morinville market was a motivator for the proponent’s request. The smaller lots would be coupled with smaller homes. Planning and Development and the proponent believe the narrower lots will provide the opportunity to build a more marketable and affordable product than the existing R1-B and R-3 zoning allowed.

The affected area is Stage 11 of the Lakes housing development and was originally conceived for multi-family units. The amendment will now allow the R-3 land and undesignated R1-B to be used for smaller single-family homes.

“The purpose is to create slightly smaller lots but at the same time have smaller homes,” Hofmann said, adding the side yard setback would increase from 4 feet to 5 feet. Hoffman said the end result would be the same number of homes with additional space between homes.

Land use bylaw changed to make way for duplex / triplex

Council unanimously approved second and third reading of an amendment to the Town of Morinville’s Land Use Bylaw to permit a duplex or triplex to be built on land located at 9810 101 Avenue.

The proponent, Todd Lane of T&S Lane Holdings Inc., was present at Tuesday night’s meeting but made no statements on the development. No correspondence was received as a result of the public hearing expressing concern about the proposed changes.

Council gave the bylaw amendment unanimous second and third reading.

PR money for a good cause

Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to spend a little of its public relations money on a couple worthy causes. Council ends 2012 with approximately $14,000 left in its public relations budget, and voted to donate $680 to the Knights of Columbus’ Christmas Hamper program and an equal amount to the Midstream Support Society for their charitable Christmas works. Council also authorized up to $680 to be donated to any other local group that may have been missed.

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