March – The Year In Review


Youth Rally draws teens together

The stage of the Morinville Community Cultural Centre (CCC) was the platform from which a message of identity, change and faith was communicated to approximately 150 youth from the area Mar. 10. In their first youth rally, Morinville Christian Fellowship’s Impact Youth Ministries put together a two-hour program of worship music, skits, and testimonies that was unapologetically Christian in nature, but still managed to maintain the welcoming tradition Impact has developed in the community.

MCHS gets packed house to hear education minister speak on Morinville issue

Roughly 800 parents, students and members of the community filled the Morinville Community High School gymnasium Mar. 15 to hear Education Minister Thomas Lukaszuk speak on the Morinville school issue and to give him their thoughts on the same. Lukaszuk said he expected to make a decision on just where Morinville’s secular students would attend school that fall within a matter of days. “I don’t like to sit on decisions,” Lukaszuk said at the time. “I find that if I wait longer I don’t wind up making decisions that are any better. I just wind up frustrating Albertans. I like to make quick decisions but well thought out based on fact.” Lukaszuk’s successor Jeff Johnson would ultimately make the announcement some months later.

Photo radar critics take their concerns outside community

A group of Morinville residents dissatisfied with Morinville’s photo radar program and how it operates took their grievances outside the community, sending a package of complaints and information to Morinville RCMP, the Alberta Solicitor General, the Minister of Justice and local and regional media outlets.

Spokesperson for the group, James O’Brien, said questions and concerns expressed to local government in both letters to the media and formal presentation to Morinville Town Council had received no formal or satisfactory answers related to the work Integrated Traffic Services, the Town’s photo radar contractor, is doing in the community. “This has been going on for over a year; and one normally goes up the ladder to try and resolve unresolved problems,” O’Brien said of taking the matter over the Town’s head. “The Solicitor General is responsible for photo radar. Since there are those of us who feel that they haven’t done their job, the only recourse I could think of was to also involve the Justice ministry to check on the Solicitor General’s office.”

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