Column: From the desk of Enforcement Services


By CPO Sergeant James Alaeddine

The winter freeze has turned many sidewalks and roadways into skating rinks, making it difficult and dangerous to get around town. At times, I have witnessed pedestrians walking on the road to avoid the slippery walkways. All persons within the Town that own, control or occupy property that adjoins any sidewalks shall remove (or cause to be removed and cleared away) all snow, ice, dirt, debris or other materials from that part of any sidewalk adapted for the use of pedestrians.

It is important that such removal shall be completed to bare pavement or maintained in a condition that is safe for pedestrians within 72 hours of the time when the snow, ice, dirt, debris or other material was formed or deposited thereon.

The Enforcement team recommends that ice be chipped away when the weather is warm. Please do your part in keeping everyone safe. Violators could be subject to a $100 fine.

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  1. Why is it that every piece of information put forth by enforcement services ends with “violators could be subject to a $??? fine”. Are they trying to justify their existence? My recommendation is get rid of the CPO’s, hire a few more RCMP and get a few more sand trucks on the streets of Morinville, sanders that work. Yes the roads are slippery as hell and yet I watch that big sander driving down my street with its huge plow in the up position and the sander turned off! It usually gets out to sand the roads in the late afternoon, should be out before commuter traffic is on the move! Get the sanders out and about and lets work to make the roads safe, not targets for the CPO’s to hand out fines. Perhaps the smaller plows could clear some town sidewalks instead of making a walkway to Cardiff Corners! Never seen anyone using that but it must have taken expensive hours to build, hours that could have been better used within town! Not very good use of my tax dollars!!!

  2. I have to agree with the Town. It is ridiculous how neighbourhoods don’t take care in cleaning their Sidewalks, another burning issue I have is those people who think they can park across the sidewalks forcing pedestrians to walk on the road which puts them in a very unsafe situation. All residences who own Homes are also required by Law to keep your sidewalks cleared, so please obey the Law. On another note folks who walk their dogs good for you because as we all know our pets need to be walked, now here is the issue please clean up after they do their business , when Spring hits I know we who do walk will be stepping every where to avoid the Poop.

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