Letter: Organization thankful of local business support


I would like to publicly thank the Flower Stop for sponsoring corsages for all of the Little Warriors kids who were able to attend Friday night’s Love Ball fundraiser in support of the Be Brave Ranch. Without even balking the Flower Stop gladly provided enough free corsages for the girls for their big night where they were the guests of honour and the center of attention. The girls looked fabulous and it made them feel so special on such an exciting night for them, it meant alot o say they were provided by a business in our town! Thank you so much!

Also a huge thank you to Morinville News and Mr. Dafoe for your continued support and coverage of this issue in Morinville. I appreciate the well written articles as always and your upcoming sponsorship of our Little Warriors Pub Night at the Celtic Knot featuring REND. Your newspaper articles and support are being noticed and commented on by the Little Warriors organization! It is always a pleasure!

(last name withheld at request of writer)

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  1. I’m not at all surprised!!! This type of behavior is quite the norm for the two companies mentioned and the people behind them.

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