Special ballots available for fall election

By Stephen Dafoe

Morinville – Special ballots will once again be available in the General Municipal Election this fall. Council voted unanimously in favour of making the provision for the upcoming election at the Feb. 12 meeting of Council.

Special ballots allow electors unable to vote in the advance poll or on election day due to physical incapacity or being out of the area to cast their ballot. The request for special ballot may be made in writing, by phone, by fax, in person or by e-mail.

Morinville had previously made special ballots available for the 2010 election and had 14 electors took advantage of the opportunity.

Administration felt the special ballots were warranted for the upcoming election due to the number of residents who regularly work outside the community. It is believed additional advertising of the special ballot process will result in greater use during this fall’s election.

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  1. Special ballots may be fine, but unless these are able to be accessed by people who might desire to utilize them – they’re pretty much useless.

    I would STRONGLY urge that Administration contact the appropriate authorities at CFB Edmonton to request that agency’s assistance in both determining the number of special ballots which might be required by units on the Base and distributing said ballots.

    A problem arose during our recent by-election in that members of some units who live in Morinville, were unable to take advantage of an advance poll due to a major exercise being held.

    Some TIMELY liaison between our Administration and the local military could resolve difficulties before they arise.

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