Column: From the Desk of Greg Hofmann – Director of Planning & Development

Below are a few questions frequently asked of the Planning & Development Department this time of year:

I want to build a deck. What do I need to know?

I want to put up a new fence. Do I need a permit for that?

What is a development permit anyway? Do I need one for what I want to do?

I’m selling my house and my lawyer requested a Compliance Certificate. How do I obtain one?

I’m thinking of installing a hot tub in the back yard this summer or maybe even a swimming pool. Do Alberta’s Safety Codes apply?

I want to open a business in Morinville. How do I begin? What do I need from the Town? How can the Town help me?

Contacting my staff is the best way to the get the answers you need to these questions and any other inquiries you may have related to planning, development, building and business licenses…and get in touch with us before you start. Look us up on the Town’s website at All the contact information you need is there. Or, call 780-939-4361 to get things started.

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