Public Works ready to roll on roads

By Stephen Dafoe

Morinville – The Town is set to spend $550,000 on local road improvement this year, monies that were approved in December with the passing of the 2013 budget.

Based on a five-year Road Analytics program, not completed at the time of the budget’s passing, Public Works is recommending rehabilitating the section of Cardiff Road from South Glens’ east entrance to East Boundary Road.

In a letter to Claude Valcourt, Morinville’s Director of Public Works, consultants AECOM recommended rehabilitating Township Road 554 from 94 Street to the East Boundary Road with foamed asphalt reconstruction.

The 94 Street to Highway 2 section is to be completed within the next three years as part of the province’s proposed Cardiff Road interchange project. Valcourt said the Morinville rehabilitation would not have to be redone when that project moves forward. Cardiff Road east of East Boundary Road is part of a Sturgeon County project that would see the rehabilitation of Cardiff Road to Highway 28.

Both East Boundary Road and the section of Cardiff Road to be rehabilitated are within Morinville’s boundaries.

Although no tenders have been sought yet, AECOM estimates the Cardiff Road project will fall under the $550,000 approved by Council. Remaining monies would then be used to deal with crack sealing in the Old Towne District; a process Public Works believe will extend the life of the roads and postpone future rehabilitation costs.

Valcourt said although the area recommended is the preferred area of his department; however, it was Council’s prerogative to choose another. Valcourt said there was not sufficient funding to flip years around and do projected projects of 2014 in 2013 instead. The subsequent year’s project is targeted at 564,000 in costs, $14,000 more than the budget allotted for 2013.

[SUBHEAD]Multi-year project

Road Rehabilitation and Neighbourhood Revitalization is a multi-year project for the Town of Morinville. It is brought to Council during budget talks each year.

Public Works estimate the program will cost $575,000 in 2014 and 2015, then rise to $600,000 for 2016 and 2017. It is estimated annual program costs will be $825,000 per year by 2035.

Map showing some of the rehabilitation areas planned over the next five years.

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