Editorial: Let’s be there for the women

If you are unaware of those two examples, take the Citizens’ Academy program the RCMP offer each year and listen to the presentation from Victim’s Services and you will see violence against women is not confined to the two aforementioned examples.

This week Barrhead-Morinville-Westlock MLA Maureen Kubinec is in New York City at the 57th session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (UNCSW). She will bring back knowledge on the global efforts to end violence against women so that information may be incorporated in Alberta’s efforts to combat abuse.

Closer to home, two local women will be awarded and celebrated on International Women’s Day by the St. Albert Bahá’í community for their efforts on behalf of women: Lynne Rosychuk for her work with the Jessica Martel Foundation and Sarah Hall for her efforts to unite Morinville moms for fellowship and support. The former recipient is working to create a place where abused women will be able to find a safe harbor to prepare for their next journey; the latter is creating a support network where women who otherwise might be isolated have a group of friends to whom they can turn in good times and in bad. You can read their story here.

While the two Morinville women are being honoured in St. Albert on International Women’s Day, three other local women – Eva Scrimshaw, Calli Stromner, and Brandi (last name withheld) – will be at the Celtic Knot Pub listening to pop/rock band Rend and running a fundraiser for Little Warriors to help build a treatment ranch for sexually abused children.

We have addressed in this editorial six specific women who are working for the betterment and safety of women. It is without doubt there are many more in our community. The people who help women find better jobs; the people who help impoverished women make a grocery budget stretch a little farther; the people that help women get a little healthier or gain a little more self-confidence; the people of faith who remind women they do not walk alone. All play a role in the betterment of women and are worthy of our thanks.

If you know any of them, thank them – particularly in this week dedicated to women.

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  1. An excellent article. One of the surest indicators of societal health is how any particular society regards and treats women. We certainly have work to do to improve things here, but there are places in this world where women are scarcely even granted the status of property. Personal control of reproductive processes, access to education, freedom of self-determination, ability to participate in all level of government are all important. And all of these must be built on the secure foundation of freedom from violence.

    I very much look forward to what MLA Kubinec gains from the UNCSW. She is an excellent representative and will doubtlessly bring back valuable insight and ideas.

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