Column: Joe Morinville

I feel like that kid in that Six Cents movie that Bruce Willis made a few years ago. I see dead people. Not really sure why they named that movie after pocket change, but that don’t change the fact a lot of famous people died lately. Thing about getting older is when some famous person you know of for a long time croaks, you kind of check your own pulse to make sure your still walking among the living.

1/ Hugo Chavez died. Don’t really know much about him but if Sean Penn got all upset and weepy eyed about his passing, he must have been a lefty or one sort or another. Dictator or not, 58 is a bit young to be exiting stage left, but I suppose that’s where a lefty would exit.

2/ Stompin’ Tom died Mar. 6. What a shame it was when I read that on the editor’s Facebook page. I sure liked his music and there isn’t a person ever been to a Morinville Jets game what doesn’t know that great hockey song he wrote. Never knew his real name was Charles. Bet you didn’t either. Bet his mom did.

3/ Speaking of moms. Bonnie Franklin also died last week – another one took out by the cancer. She played the single mom on that One Day at a Time show. She was about my age and, like I said before, that’s scary when you think about your own mortality.

4/ Keith Richards is still alive. Someone told me him and Ozzy Osbourne are going to get walk on roles as themselves in that show about them zombies everyone likes.

5/ Speaking of things that are alive but should be dead, I read the editor’s rant on the Facebook about that pigeon over at the cultural centre. He wants to put a contract out on the thing. He’s got a point. That is one mountain of pigeon poo outside the place. When the wife and I went to see Charlie Major the other week, I was doing hopscotch along the sidewalk to avoid messing up my good loafers. She thought I was going into my second childhood jumping around like that.

6/ And to keep the big pile of pigeon droppings theme going, that was some provincial budget last week, eh? I think we all got splattered with a shoulder full of poo on that one.

7/ Speaking of drastic cuts – I see the editor cut me off at less than 10 points again.

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