Morinville Sights and Bites

Lucie Roy Photos

duck dynasty-web
Duck Dynasty
Hunter Fabbro competes in the timed Spam Sculpting contest Friday. He was also one of the final two in the best costume contest.
The Primeau Student School Council held Duck Dynasty Days events last week. Monday’s event was a sunflower seed spitting contest, Tuesday iced tea chugging Tuesday, dam building Wednesday and duck hunt Thursday.

Bang on the drum all day
Members of the Jasper Place Rebel Thunder Drum line performed at the Primeau School Pep Rally on Friday afternoon.

Trappin’ the green guy
Morinville Public Elementary School (MPES) student Lynnaya Kratky looks over one of the many Leprechaun traps at the school Friday afternoon. Students and teachers paraded to the various classrooms to see the different designs and traps in honour of St. Patrick’s Day.

The green guy
At MPES Friday afternoon Deondre Stamp was one of the many students decked up for St Patrick’s Day. He was standing in front of the
milk jug igloo the Jr. kindergarten class has been building.

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