Caviar Players present Shakespeare’s Great Dame in Hamlette

The play’s the thing
Margie Van Der Horden (the queen) makes an aside to the audience as Amber Jones (Hamlette) shows her contempt. The Caviar Players brought Allison’s Williams’ Hamlette, a contemporary spoof on Shakespeare’s Hamlet to the Morinville Community Cultural Centre for two shows over the weekend. See page 14 for more photos. – Stephen Dafoe Photo

oohahhStephen Dafoe Photos

Hamlette, the Caviar Players’ most recent theatrical production, offered a contemporary spoof on Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The troupe put on three shows in three days, starting with a performance at Chateau Sturgeon Lodge in Legal Thursday night. The play was performed Friday night and Saturday afternoon at the Morinville Community Cultural Centre.

Opening with the premise Denmark’s crown prince thinks he’s a princess, the play shifts from scenes with Hamlette’s mother in denial to some scenes that mix the Shakespeare of the Globe Theatre with the slapstick of Vaudeville.

Hamlette (Amber Jones) gets into a heated discussion with Horatio (Landen Hughes) in Allison William’s Hamlette – a play in one act – performed by the Caviar Players over the weekend.

Caviar4-webDavid Haas lingers through this world as Hamlette’s recently-murdered father.

Horatio holds the dying Hamlette in his arms at the play’s conclusion.

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