Morinville Council Briefs

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By Stephen Dafoe

Federal Gas Tax agreement signed

Council voted in favour of signing the Federal Gas Tax Amending Agreement and return the document to Alberta Transportation. The signature will ensure Morinville continues to receive approximately $500,000 in annual infrastructure funding.

Deadline for funding has been extended from Mar. 31, 2014 to Dec. 31, 2014. The per capita funding for 2010/11 through 2013/14 is based on the municipality’s official population numbers for 2009.

Assessment review board gets new member

A vacancy on the Assessment Review Board (ARB) was filled Apr. 9 when Council approved an application from Morinville resident Rob Ladouceur.

Ladouceur, a resident of Morinville for the past four years, now brings the board to its full compliment of members. The board consists of one public member at large and two members of Council. Currently Councillor Sheldon Fingler and Councillor David Pattison serve on the board, which hears assessment disputes.

The new member will not be able to participate in any of the board’s hearings until he has taken the training required by Municipal Affairs. Ladouceur’s term will expire in October of 2015.

Tie a yellow ribbon

Council turned down a $3,000 sponsorship request from the Edmonton Garrison Military Family Resource Centre’s (MFRC) 2013 Yellow Ribbon Gala Benefit and Silent Auction. A motion to grant the $3,000 sponsorship was defeated 4-1 and a subsequent motion to donate $2,000 directly to the MFRC passed with a 3-2 vote of Council.

The upcoming fundraising event allows the MFRC to provide programing to military families in a number of areas, including crisis intervention, prevention and support, child development and parenting support, community development, and deployment support.

Council had sponsored the 2012 event in the amount of $3,000. The 2012 donation included $1,500 to buy a table at the event for military families from Morinville, and an equal amount to support military spousal attendance at the event.

Councillors felt they were unable to buy a table as was the case last year and that the $3,000 donation offered but a single ticket to the event.

Councillor Lisa Holmes said being a military community she wanted to support the event but it was an event a small number of people could attend. She’d rather see funds supporting the centre in other ways. Councillor Sheldon Fingler said he felt supporting military families in other ways would be better use of the money. Councillor Nicole Boutestein moved to donate $2,000 directly to the MFRC. That motion passed with a 3-2 vote of Council.

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