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South Glens 4-web
What a difference a day makes
Flooding waters that rose up the edge of driveways on 79 Avenue and 97 Street in Morinville’s South Glens subdivision Tuesday were devoid of water Tuesday afternoon. Morinville Public Works crews continued to pump water that had overflowed the subdivision’s storm pond through the night. As of late Tuesday afternoon things had begun to recede. – Stephen Dafoe Photos

A bouquet of appreciation
Ecole Notre Dame School staff members Marlene Therres, Donna Keeler and Colleen Durocher received flowers Wednesday afternoon in recognition of Support Staff Appreciation Week. The staff was honoured for their talented and dedicated work to help children and teaching staff. The secretaries, educational assistants, librarian, bus drivers and custodial staff were treated to food, flowers and poems – Lucie Roy Photo

Informative lunch

Donna McPherson, Program Coordinator Sturgeon Victim Services, prepares for the National Victims of Crime Awareness Week Learning Lunch held Wednesday morning at the cultural centre. The free luncheon was sponsored by Justice Canada as part of National Victims of Crime Awareness Week. This year’s theme – We All Have a Role – focuses on how the criminal justice providers, all levels of government, and Canadians in general play a role in reaching out to victims of crime.

McPherson and RCMP Constable Yelena Avoine, liaison officer with Sturgeon Victim Services, presented a brief presentation on what victims of crime can expect from the criminal justice system and the resources available to them.

The Victims of Crime Protocol was covered, the three types of victims (direct, indirect and the vulnerable), crime and investigations, restitution orders, victim impact statements, understanding the court system, Correctional Services Canada and the parole board.

More than 30 were in attendance from Morinville, Legal and Fort Saskatchewan. Attendees included Morinville Mayor Paul Krauskopf and Councillor Nicole Boutestein and Legal Deputy Mayor Trina Jones and Councillor Carol Tremblay.

Artistic shadows
Morinville Community High School student Jacob Rousseau shows one of his two shadow art pieces on display at the cultural centre during Volunteer Appreciation Week. MCHS Art 20 and 30 students are participating in an art show for Volunteer Appreciation Night with the theme Volunteers Cast a Beautiful Shadow. The art, hanging in the windows, cast shadows onto the cultural centre’s floor. – Lucie Roy Photo

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