County unveils new corporate structure

county story

Sturgeon County implemented changes to their corporate structure May 1; changes the municipality believes positions them for success in achieving goals set out in Sturgeon County’s 2012-2021 Strategic Plan.

The changes are seen as enhancing the organization’s ability to respond to growth, while maintaining a high level of interaction with the public and other external stakeholders. Additionally, the corporate restructuring is believed to create greater connectivity between business units and staff.

“This structural change builds a strong foundation as we continue to implement Council’s Strategic Plan,” said Sturgeon County Chief Administrative Officer, Peter Tarnawsky in a release Wednesday. “This is but one decision that will help staff meet the diverse needs of the entire Sturgeon County community.”

Effective Wednesday the County Commissioner’s Office will oversee Strategic and Business Planning and Legislative Services.

Integrated Growth includes Economic Development, Planning & Development, Engineering Services, and Inter-municipal Matters.

Municipal Services includes Agriculture Services, Transportation Services, Utility Services, Protective Services, and Community Services.

Corporate Support includes Assessment Services, Corporate Communications, Information Services, Fleet & Building Services, Human Resources, and Financial Services.

“This change is an integral part of positioning the County for growth and improving our competitiveness and sustainability,” Tarnawsky said, adding he was confident the changes would create an even more responsive and focused organization.

The County says residents will not experience any interruptions or decreases in services resulting from the new corporate structure.

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