Sturgeon County under fire advisory

Press Release

Sturgeon County FIRE ADVISORY in effect. Permits will not be issued until further notice. Existing permits are hereby revoked.

Use of “Approved Fire Pits” for fires that are lit for recreation, cooking and warming purposes are still permitted throughout the County.

“Approved Fire Pits” means a barbecue or fire pit that is a minimum of three (3) metres from buildings, property lines and combustible materials. Constructed of bricks, cement blocks, heavy gauge metal or suitable non-combustible components. It must have a spark arrestor mesh screen that is no larger than thirteen (13) millimetres expanded metal (or equivalent) to contain sparks over the fire at all times.

Please monitor any extinguished fires permitted earlier this year in case of hold over fire that could reignite due to dry conditions.

Sturgeon County urges everyone to use extreme caution when working or driving in grassy areas, be mindful of hot exhaust and keep vehicles clean and free of debris as smouldering debris can fall off and start fires.

Effective Date:
May 13, 2013

Expiry Date:
In effect until further notice

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