Legal School enters space program


Submitted by Kathy Mahoney

Legal – On May 9, the school cheered as the 2013 Legal Space Balloon was launched. The weather/space balloon project started in January as the final culminating activity for the Space Exploration unit in Science 9. Mr. Jim Buckley supplied the school with the weather balloon. The balloon carried a space box, which included a digital camera that took time-lapse photos of the ground, a camcorder, which took a video, and a cellphone with a GPS tracking application activated. The box was followed on the GPS tracking website,

The space box landed near Artland and Senlac, Saskatchewan, travelling a distance of 400 kilometres and reaching a height of 1,1000 metres. The box travelled four hours from launch to landing with an average speed of 100 km/h. Grade 9 teacher, Mr. Branco, enjoyed travelling to Saskatchwan (twice) to retrieve the box (and his cell phone). The students have really enjoyed the video of our space adventure.



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