Letter: Resident puzzled by parks funding


Again, I’m surprised and disappointed at the amount of ongoing discussion and ‘tap-dancing’ around the topic of parks versus playgrounds. It clearly states in the budget documents.

Table 9 – Capital Reserve Allocation and Balance

Line Item called Developers Recreation Contribution – Balance 12/31/2012 was $353,679

Has this money already been allocated elsewhere (e.g. to consultants such as EDS Group Inc.)?

Looking at the “Artist’s rendering of what a proposed park at the Lakes subdivision could look like” is beautiful and I’m sure something that would be advantageous to have at some point in time. However, from the design, it would appear to be extremely costly to implement. What most parents with young children would like is to have at least a green zone, with a safe playground and appropriate equipment available for them to play on BEFORE their children turn 20.

I believe that $353,679 would be more than sufficient to install a number of playgrounds in the new developed areas such as the Lakes and the Glens that would be beneficial to all the young children living in these areas. Potentially, a park or recreational area could be built around the playground at some point in time when the funds are available.
Linda Lyons

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  1. The play ground equipment for the lakes area was removed early in my first term as Councillor because it did not meet the current standard.

    TALK of replacing it has gone on since. Shame on me, and the other Councillors of the day for not getting it replaced, and Shame no the current one for the same.


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