Column: From the desk of Enforcement Services

WillNortonBy William Norton,
Supervisor Enforcement Services

With the summer weather now present this is a good time to be reminded of summer related enforcement concerns.

At no time are holiday trailers and RV units allowed to be parked on a roadway without being attached to an appropriate towing unit. Trailers are still bound by the 72-hour parking rule and must be relocated every 72 hours as is any vehicle parked on a roadway.
When parking a trailer on private property and driveways please ensure that the trailers are not impeding any portion of a sidewalk or adjacent roadway. Sidewalks are shared spaces and overhanging trailers pose a risk to all users.

With the warm weather people are leaving their windows open at night to cool properties. Please be courteous of noisy outside activities and barking dogs. In accordance with the Noise Bylaw, no person shall disturb the peace and repose of others. This standard applies at any time but is more strictly adhered to during the hours of 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.

Trail systems become more busy during the summer months so please ensure that all dogs are secured to a leash while using these shared spaces. Picking up after your dog is imperative and must be done immediately. Please ensure that before you set out on a walk that you are prepared to handle such events.

The Town of Morinville prohibits the use of ATVs or other Off-highway vehicles with the Town limits. This includes parks, trails, ditches and green spaces such as fields that are located within Town Limits.

If you have a complaint or would like to report any enforcement concerns please contact Enforcement Services at 780-939-7831.

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