Morinville News Poll: Election 2013 – Who Would Get Your Mayoral Vote?

ballot boxMayor Paul Krauskopf’s June 11 announcement that he will not seek re-election after 15 years of service to the community as an elected official hit many in the community hard Wednesday morning, and many of our readers had words of gratitude for his dedication to the community.

The mayor’s decision to not seek re-election opens the mayor’s chair to any number of candidates following the Sept. 23 Nomination Day.

Of the five members of Council other than Mayor Krauskopf, one has been clear she is not planning to run for mayor, two have directly or indirectly stated a run at the mayoral seat is not out of the question, and two have indicated their decision to add their name to a fall ballot at all will be made at some future date.

Though no member of Council has declared his or her intentions to run for Mayor, we ask….

If all five Morinville councillors were to run for Mayor, whom would you vote for?

We will keep our poll open until June 16 at 2 p.m. and publish the results Monday.

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  1. Has anyone asked former council member Joe Gosselin if he is running? I think he would bring some sage experience to this council.

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