Morinville News Poll: Election 2013 Results

ballot box

Mayor Paul Krauskopf’s June 11 announcement that he will not seek re-election after 15 years of service to the community as an elected official opens the mayor’s chair to any number of candidates come the Sept. 23 Nomination Day. Prior to Councillor Lisa Holmes’ announcement she would run for the seat, Morinville News hosted an online poll to see where the five current members of Council would stand should they all run. The poll received 165 online votes. Below are the results of that online poll, which closed at 2 p.m. Sunday.

Gordon Boddez = 3.03%

Nicole Boutestein = 13.33%

Sheldon Fingler = 20.61%

Lisa Holmes = 44.85%

David Pattison = 1.21%

None of the Above = 16.97%

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