The day in photos

Tossing their hats
Morinville Community High School Grade 12 graduates toss their hats for the cameras Thursday afternoon, the conclusion of the day’s graduation rehearsal. The Graduation Commencement Exercises take place Friday at the Edmonton Northlands Agricom. MCHS has 146 graduates this year. – Lucie Roy Photo

MCHS student Olivia Imbrogno practices outside the school Thursday afternoon. She will play the pipes for the graduation processional Friday.

back to future-web
Back to the future
It was back to June 20, 1893 for the whole day for the Grade 2D class at Notre Dame Thursday. Educational Assistant Beth Laton and teacher Shelly Walline recreated the school atmosphere, games and other activities of that time. Staff and students wore period attire – shirts buttoned up and tucked in for boys and long skirts and bonnets for the girls. The classroom had slates, pen and ink, teacher’s bell and a dunce cap on a chair. Keeping with the realism of the era, even attendance was brought down to the office on a chalkboard. – Lucie Roy Photo

mpes kindergarten-web
Grads of another age
On Thursday night MPES Kindergarten students Holly Idestrup and Jordan Daly were waiting with other members of their class for their queue
to go and perform before the family parents and guests at the graduation ceremony. More than 60 students participated. – Lucie Roy Photo


Being recognized
Aline Foss received a Certificate of Recognition from Royal Canadian Legion Dominion Command. The Certificate was for her years of work as a Long Term Care Surveyor. Foss said she used to check on seniors and see if their needs were being met. For the most part they were well looked after, but if they were not, she had to write a report. Most often the issues were looked after right away. “It was rewarding as they were so happy to see us come,” Foss said.

The Long Term Care Surveyor Program allows qualified trained Legion members responsibility to visit sites in proximity of their residence. When tasked by Veterans Affairs Canada, surveyors organize and conduct interviews with veterans and provide completed questionnaires to the responsible VAC office.

Also receiving a certificate was her husband Art Foss.

– Lucie Roy Photo

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