St. Jean Baptiste Festival hits record numbers [VIDEO]

A member of the Edmonton-based Firefly Theatre & Circus performs above the crowd Friday night, the opening night of St. Jean Baptiste Festival 2013.

This year’s St. Jean Baptiste Festival included 30 events and activities spread over three days. Festival Chair Paul Smith said late Sunday afternoon this years festival broke records in all areas. Home Hardware Bumper-to-Bumper had already surpassed their record for entries in the annual show and shine by 11 a.m. Saturday, and this year’s Council Breakfast on Main Street served 650 residents and guests.

Below is our annual St. Jean Baptiste Highlight Video, giving you a chance to glimpse some of what you might have missed and giving you another look at what you might have seen.

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  1. The fireworks were there and they were large as life. We watched them from our house in Sunshine.

    Congratulations to Paul and his volunteers for all their hard work.

    • The criticism is that we did not include fireworks in our video. Unfortunately, there were some things that happened simultaneously. The Nick Gilder show and fireworks were one of those overlaps.

  2. I had a GREAT TIME!! The day started off a bit confusing because of the “staging” procedures for those in the parade. People and groups were not “parked” in their number order so there was a lot of shifting about and….lots of just waiting around. However I totally enjoyed all the excited energy coming from my fellow parade participants and since it was a beautiful day how could one not enjoy it? I found the Farmer’s Market somewhat limited in what they had to offer but the vendors all had welcoming smiles for everyone who dropped by. As a highlight to end my afternoon I stood and listened to the “Morinville Community Band”. Awesome!!! I was very impressed by the quality of music these young shared with us.

    Well done all – Shelly Rasmussen

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