Locals get a look at downtown Morinville from above


Photos by Lucie Roy and Denise Touchette

Morinville – On Saturday morning Denise and Maurice Touchette, along with Gib Boddez and site Supervisor Don Ferguson, climbed 84 feet of stairs to rise as far up the St. Jean Baptiste Church steeple as could be allowed. The Touchettes won the scaffold climb at a recent Rotary Club’s silent auction.

Denise stopped periodically on the 15-minute climb to take a few photos. Maurice, who stuck out a hand periodically to wave to André Touchette and his companion Louise Levesque from Montreal, said the climb was good. Denise said although she enjoyed the climb, there were not as many opportunities to take photos as she’d hoped. “With the screen there is no sense you are in mid-air,” she said.

Below are some of the photos she was able to take on the climb.

100 Avenue looking west.

100 Avenue in front of St. Jean Baptiste Church.

The church clock tower.

St. Jean Baptiste Park and Convent area.

St. Jean Baptiste Park.

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