2013 Garden Competition picks its winners

Judges Allen Jacobson and Valerie Loseth give an assessment to the outdoor living area of one Morinville property.

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Morinville’s search to award above average gardens designed and maintained in the community proved to be no easy task. The annual contest is an extension of the Town of Morinville’s strong belief in encouraging environmental responsibility and sustainable gardening, which they see as working with nature rather than against it. Working in harmony with nature through water conservation, use of native plants, composting, and integrated pest management are some of the things the Town encourages and some examples of things judges looked at Thursday afternoon.

Allen Jacobson from the Morinville Community Services Department was one of the judges in Thursday’s event. “We had many great entries, which were awarded points for elements such as the use of a rain barrels, demonstrating ways of water conservation such as the use of mulch, or planting plants closely together,” he said. “We loved how some of our residents incorporated these elements into their gardens.”

This year’s event awarded prizes in four categories. This years winners were:


Unique Container Garden Winner: Donna Becker

Outdoor Living Area: Donna Becker


Entire Yard- Front to Back Aesthetics: Leah Hogg


Perennial Garden: Eva Scrimshaw

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