Letter: Candidates need to get their facts in order

Dear editor:

I am interested, as I’m sure many are, at following the upcoming election and the number of people who are putting their name forward to serve our community.

To the candidates – thank you for having the interest in our community and wanting to make a difference.

However, please do the research before you go on about an issue or make statements that, to the informed are known to be NOT true. It may help you sound like people of action, people who can affect the change that everyone thinks is necessary at election time, like the people who just will not take it anymore, but it may also cause credibility issues.

There are many examples that I could point out, but I do not want to embarrass anyone.

Joe Gosselin

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  1. You could point out the inconsistencies without naming the candidate; for those who are less informed?

  2. Sorry Joe, but I consider you not wanting “to embarrass anyone” to be a major cop-out. We’re all big boys and girls here and if any of us wish to run for office and subsequently make statements which might not be quite accurate, then I believe that those who might be “informed” have an OBLIGATION to correct the misperception, thus giving us all the benefit of their insight.

    I know that if I make a statement, or take a stand on any issue, I very much appreciate it when someone corrects me if I am way off target. However, please remember that things and circumstances do change and those who may have been informed ‘back in the day’ perhaps are not so well-informed today.

    So please let it all hang out, Joe… it certainly can’t do any real harm and who knows, you might even provoke a little more discussion on one or more of these contentious issues.

  3. “He who speaks the least often speaks the wisest”. When you make decsions that affect people, their money and their community you better have your facts straight!

    Those people are most likely to do the most good for the community if they think before they speak.

    Action not talk creates a true change in community, if the change is required you will know it is right if you take time to hear the soft voices in the Town. Those are the people that vote and yes they are often from Olde Towne!

    Only 55 a year observation in this town, yes there were wood sidewalks in front of my house when I was growing up!

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