Column: Joe Morinville


The crappy weather has sure put a damper on my and the missus’ outdoor activities this last while. She’s occupied herself with knitting stuff while watching summer reruns of stupid police and lawyering shows, and I’ve been surfing the Facebook looking to see what other folks is up to in the crappy weather this summer. Here’s some of what I learned about what’s happening here lately.

1/ The Morinville Community Gardens took 31 pounds of garden crops to the Food Bank in July. That included Swiss chard, zucchini, beets and potatoes. That’ll feed a lot of folks in need.

2/ A Morinville Council candidate and his family adopted one of those cute dogs the Morinville Veterinary Clinic had up for adoption last week that was in the Morinville News Adopt-A-Pet video.

3/ Deputy Mayor Lisa Holmes’ kids may be more famous than her. The one got on the Global News and the other was in some fashion show at the Kingsway Mall in Edmonton.

4/ Louis L’Amour used to be a boxer. OK, that one isn’t about Morinville. But I follow him on Facebook even though he’s been dead since 1988. I’m pretty sure his page is someone pretending to be him. Either that or they’ve got some really good Internet connections in Cowboy heaven. Maybe he can send a few new books down to his fans. I’ve read all the ones at the library a couple or three times.

5/ A lot of people seem quite interested in the upcoming election. A lot of good questions are being asked of the candidates so far on the Morinville Election 2013 page on the Facebook. Hope those asking the questions will come out and vote when it is time. I take my hats off to the gal running the page.

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