Harvest Days gets medieval on its visitors

Photos by Stephen Dafoe

Bon Accord – Festivalgoers to this year’s Harvest Days festival had an opportunity to be entertained in an historic was Saturday morning. The Knights of the Northern Realm put on a battle re-enactment for attendees. The Edmonton-based co-ed club studies authentic combat techniques, period armour, historical garments, and medieval history, combining the knowledge into authentic re-enactments of medieval warfare. Saturday’s demonstration combined archers and swordsman battling it out in a contest between Scotland and England. Scotland, unsurprisingly, was the victor for the Bon Accord event.

An archer draws his bow.

the fallen-web
A man lies dead, fallen by the archer’s arrow.

A sergeant advances on his enemy.

Sir Troy the Humble (left) of Scotland battles it out with Squire Marshall of England.

Squire Marshall experiences an honourable death at the hands of his Scottish adversary.

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