Our Morinville [Photos]

Our Morinville is a new reader-submitted photo section in our weekly print edition. Each week we call on readers to submit their photos for publication. Each month we will select one photo as the choice of the month. That reader will receive a $100 Shop in Morinville gift certificate. They pick the business – we lay down the cash. Send your high resolution photos to editor@morinvillenews.com

Gull in flight
Frank Koenig of Morinville sent us this great shot of a seagull in flight at the Morinville Fish and Game Association pond.

Tim Stirlng - Fly-web
The fly
Tim Stirling of Morinville captured this great, detailed shot of a fly. It’s a little unappetising but too good not to share with our readers.

It’s a bird, it’s a moth
Jeanne Hudson says she encountered this clear wing hummingbird moth on her butterfly lilac bush for the first time this summer. “They are amazing creatures,” she tells us. “They beat their wings as rapidly as a hummingbird; about the size of your thumb; marked like a bumble bee to deter predators.”

Lovely lilies
Stacey Sampson sent us a shot of the tiger lily planted in her front yard garden. She tells us it is her favourite flower. We think many might agree.

Blue jay dining
Sina Faust captured this great image of a blue jay having a bite to eat in her backyard.

fields - one of 2-web

fields 2 of 2-web
In the fields
Sina also sent in some rural shots taken on a range road just outside Morinville.

dock front page-web
On the dock
Morinville residents José (left) and Jorja Chevalier enjoy a peaceful time fishing on a dock at Baptiste Lake during a recent family trip. — Jackie Luker Photo

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