Chamber says it’s time Morinville had a doctor

By Morinville News Staff

Morinville – In their third press release in a month, the Morinville and District Chamber of Commerce (MDCC) is now calling on the community to pull together to procure a full-time doctor for Morinville.

At a recent Chamber discussion the Board agreed unanimously that they would like to “support government, business, and the medical community to attract and retain a full-time physician for the citizens of Morinville.

“Morinville needs a broader community effort to attract full-time family physicians in the wake of our continued growth and aging demographics,” said MDCC President, Simon Boersma in a release late Wednesday afternoon. “The MDCC wants to assist.”

The Chamber believes well-trained Canadian doctors are in high demand and that competition for their services is intense. They believe businesses and residents would benefit from a full-time physician through increased productivity, a safer community, and an overall better way of life.

Without delving into any specifics in the release, the Chamber says they believe the goal of obtaining a doctor can materialize, and plan to issue a five-step plan in the coming months.

The Chamber sees the move as part of their overall advocacy for the betterment of their member businesses by promoting the Chamber’s district as a leading business centre, one supports, expands, and diversifies business opportunities by cooperating with others.

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  1. “Motherhood and Apple Pie” comes to mind when discussing the desire to attract a full-time physician to Morinville, but issuing a ‘press release’ AT THIS TIME and without ANY details as to how this might be accomplished, seems to be just a little unhelpful!

    I really look forward to the issue of their ‘five-step plan’ in the coming months, which will (hopefully) include the extra costs to be incurred by the taxpayers of this Municipality.

    Have a nice day…

  2. Save the whine about tax dollars
    The chamber is doing the right thing help or move over and let them do the right thing.
    Details will come focus on the goal!
    Positive thoughts man we have enough negative already!
    Simon you the man giver!

  3. I wasn’t aware that it was the Chamber of Commerce’s responsibility to either hire, or lobby for doctors or nurses. I was under the assumption that this body was there to represent Morinville’s business interests. I guess that I must have misunderstood their function.

  4. A Doctor, with his or her office, is a business. Also, businesses in the community have employees that need health care. This may include chronic conditions, emergencies as well as routine consultations. Additonally, having a permanent doctor makes a community a more desirable place for businesses and their employees to locate. So yes, you misunderstood the function of the Chamber and very good of you to admit as much.

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