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DaveSchaeferJan2013By David Schaefer

As August leads into September, I would like to remind all drivers to be aware of Children. Playground and recreation trails are always busy as children are out playing and with School fast approaching morning and after walks to and from school make it even more important for drivers to adhere to traffic safety. This summer has been a busy one starting with meeting with Alberta traffic to work on initiative to improve traffic safety. Over the next two months the Town will be increasing the yellow curb markings from five metres to 10 metres next to the intersections along 100 Avenue and 100 Street to increase visibility of public crossing these road ways. School area cross walks are going to be painted with zebra striping to increase visibility, as well partnership with the school boards and town, solar crosswalk lights are going to be installed at each school. A request to the province has been sent in to create a graduated speed zone on the east side of Town (Hwy 642) to better facilitate slowing traffic coming into the community, and lastly the 50 km/hr area along Cardiff road near South Glens’ entrance was increased further east to further promote a slow speed at this entrance to help resident exit and enter this subdivision.

Watch for the upcoming announcement of the Town’s new Website which is scheduled to go live the end of August.

Have a safe and Happy Summer

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  1. Well, It’s about time! Upgrades at crosswalks and school zones should have been implemented long ago! Interesting plan to pay for all this though, lowering speed limits in areas that really don’t need speeds lowered! How many accidents have there been at the entrance to South Glens? Why isn’t the town doing something temporary at the Cardiff / Hwy 2 intersection? Because there isn’t any financial gain there eh? Just possibly saving lives! Bet the old photo radar contractor is already planning multiple trips to the sunshine capitols of the world after hearing this! As well as the budget people for the town! How much are they going to increase the amount of funding in the budget expected from photo radar fines? Oh well, as long as taxes don’t go up any more! Wait and see! The town is getting a new website? Hope it’s a lot more user friendly than the old!

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