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Hard to believe Labour Day is this weekend. Seems fitting to me because if Labour Day came too early, that means that summer ended too early. Got me to thinking of the high and low points of this past summer.

1 Summer in Morinville just wouldn’t be summer without our festival that just keeps on getting bigger and bigger and better and better. They set records at every event, including the two foggies of rock concerts. Those two shows set records for lowest attendance of any they ever held. That’s not a complaint. I wanted to go to them both, but the missus didn’t have much use for the Headpins when the were popular and she thought Sweeney Todd was a film with Johnny Dep.

2 It was good to have the library open this summer. Sure it was open last summer but in the basement of the Parish Hall where they hardly had any good pocketbook westerns. Having it open on Saturday and Sunday has been good for me if I got nothing to do.

3 Another good thing about summer is the Farmers’ Market moving over to the arena. We weren’t sure how that was going to work out, but we’ve been enjoying the longer walk to and form the market to get our veggies. Korien Sampson is always nice to us and she’s always got a good smile and laugh.

4 The lowest point of the summer had to be the passing of our Mayor Paul Krauskopf. I remember when he was first elected back in the late 1990s. He was always involved in this community and I think this Town ought to think about naming one of their volunteer awards after him this year and from now on. I don’t know many wouldn’t be right proud to get an award named after that man.

5 Summer just wouldn’t be summer without getting a taste of fresh vegetables. This year the Town decided to plant us a bunch. We had a couple of their cucumbers out of the Town gardens. Thanks.

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  1. The festival was amazing and many thanks to all those that made it happen.

    The library is a fantastic facility and the staff have to be commended for their incredible professionalism and commitment to the citizens of Morinville and area to work under tough circumstances in the Parish Hall. But their vision, drive and ability to look towards the future have brought us an incredible facility.

    And a terrific idea to name an award or in some way honour Paul Krauskopf. I can’t envision any lack of support to commemorate one of our Town’s finest and most dearly missed.

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