Column: Joe Morinville



There are times when it seems not much is going on around Town. That’s when I turn to the wierd news from around the world to make my list of stuff I want you to know about. There was plenty of that wierd stuff this past week at home and abroad.

1 When I first heard the word twerking, I thought it was going on the Twitter and making a bunch of Tweets from work. Apparently, it is stripping down to your skivies and doing a sexy dance in front of half the world like everyone was talking about Miley Cyrus doing last week. Ain’t nothing sexy about what she did, but I bet her dad’s got another reason to release his song Achy Breaky Heart.

2 Fellow went to a bar in Dawson City and ordered some drink with a mummified toe in it. Apparently, a lot of folks have drunk the drink and left the toe, but this fellow drank it toe and all like it was a worm in tequila. He paid the bar the $500 fine for swallowing the severed digit and left into the night. Where’s this bar going to get another mummified toe for $500.

3 There was quite a fuss last week about some noxious weed down at the pond at Sunshine Lake. County came in to clean it up first and that upset some locals, but I remember a time in this town when a bunch of us would be down there in our rubber boots helping out. We need more of that sort of thing.

4 Politicians yapping about how things need to change here. Wonder if any of them have the courage to tell voters one of the things what needs to change is them.

5 Fellow in the states was out with his bow and arrow when he tried to shoot an arrow wrapped in marijuana through a jail window. When the police caught up with him he claimed he was just hunting squirrels. Interesting bait. What was he smoking to think cops would believe that story.

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