First day of school shows solid enrollment

Photos by Lucie Roy


Morinville Public Elementary School

Morinville Public Elementary School student Aiden Wall took a look Tuesday morning to see which classroom and which teacher he would have this year. The two large boards assisted students and parents on their way on the first day of school. Principal Wayne Rufiange and teachers and staff were also on hand to escort students to their classes.

MPES Administrative Assistant Joan Tolsma said the new teachers at MPES include Kristen Fair, Tanya Crump, Brittany Clarke, Renee Thomson, Tara Hodgson, Jeannie Brenneis and Kari Morgan. New MPES Vice-Principal, Kari Morgan, was previously at Sturgeon Composite High School and has 18 years teaching experience.
There were 420 students enrolled at MPES as of Tuesday morning with a few new registrations coming in Tuesday morning.


Georges H. Primeau Middle School

New Georges H. Primeau School Principal Allan Menduk was at his desk Tuesday morning. Menduk was previously Assistant Principal at Morinville community High School. He is one of eight new members at Primeau, including Jamie French, Ken Kordyback, Dean McKinney, Angie Boucher, Vice-Principal Christina Mackinnon, Counsellor Tracy Delhez and Secretary Nicole Johnson.

The student count for Grades 5 to 8 is about 465, including five who registered for school Tuesday morning. That is an increase from the 438 registered last year.
This year’s Primeau them is Everyday Heroes. A meet-the-teacher night is scheduled for Sept. 11 at 6:30 p.m.


Ecole Notre Dame Elementary

Ecole Notre Dame Elementary School teacher Sheri Crowston used to teach at Vanier. She was busy with her Grade 1 English students, giving them the school orientation tour. There are two new teachers this year, the other being Judith Cadorette, The registration at Notre Dame currently sits at 483

Morinville Community High School

MCHS had 570 students registered as of Tuesday morning; however, the school has a staggered start to the school year. Grades 11-12 start Wednesday. They have one new teacher, Blair Wood, and will have two administrators instead of three; Principal Eistetter and Vice-Principal Wade Michael.

School enrollment numbers are not considered official until later in September.

Morinville Christian Fellowship School

Details on Morinville Christian Fellowship School were not available by our online deadline.

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  1. RE: MPES Enrollment @ 420 for 2013-2014

    “…all this for only 40 students…”

    Too soon???? 🙂

  2. ND drop in 30 students this year(as per documentation) was MPES’ gain of 130 student!!!! 420 in year 3 for MPES! The future looks brighter and brighter for Public Education in Morinville. Keep in mind they will need more space or another school soon….numbers prove everything and its all happening! Great work!

  3. Really people? And you keep saying it is the Catholic School parents that are petty?

  4. @Alison… Petty?(look whos being petty)

    IF you knew what these parents who fought for Public Education went through you would realize that this is 100% PRIDE induced.
    Petty was the name calling, the “this will NEVER happen so shut up or move”, public converstaions about certain community members, public bashing about not being Catholic, the mob mentality that showed up to listen to Minister Lukaszuk, belittling others for not believeing what you do, critizied for holding the school board accountable for breaking the LAW…those are just SOME of the things they lived through just to have a Public School…THAT would be Petty

    Now that numbers show exactly what these parents predicted would happen,I would say it is more of a TOLD YOU SO than a “Petty”.

    Move on

  5. The purpose of Lucie Roy’s coverage on the first day of school was to provide info on who the new teachers and staff are and to show that ALL the schools in Morinville are doing well. Our Sept. 11 print edition will cover additional schools she did not get to on opening day.

    We’re going to close comments here, lest the positive intent of her coverage be diminished by the reopening of old wounds.

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