Column: Joe Morinville


joethumbTwo weeks from now you’ll be reading all about who’s running this fall for a crack at being mayor or a member of Council. Been a lot written already about those what has said they’ll run. Here’s some thoughts I’ve had about the candidates and the election in general.

1 Every time I read one of these candidate stories in the paper, I’m reminded of Groundhog Day. I don’t mean that movie with Bill Murray. I’m talking about the real Groundhog Day. If a candidate sees their shadow when they pop up out of a hole does that means we will have another six weeks of campaigning. I sure hope not.

2 Everybody is talking about a swimming pool or a recreational centre where kids can have something to do instead of running the streets. Then I saw mayor candidate Carrie Foss’ big RV at the Farmers’ Market. If she gets to be mayor, maybe she’ll lease it to the Town. You could put two sheets of ice in it for sure. You could certainly put on some of those cultural centre shows in it and hold the audiences those things draw. Then you could put a swimming pool inside the cultural centre, like I heard one candidate has suggested.

3 Speaking of oversized stuff, I’m wondering how big Councillor Fingler’s signs will be this time. When he was running for Council he had signs that were at least six feet tall. Now that he’s running for the big seat, maybe he’ll pop up bigger signs.

4 Deputy Mayor Lisa Holmes has been at the market with her booth, talking to folks and offering plums to potential voters. I’m all in favour of being sweetened up with some free stuff, but she ought to give out Taber corn. That’s what everyone is hankering for right now, maybe even more than they are hankering for a good Council to vote for.

5 Lots of women running for mayor, but only one woman running for a Council seat so far. I guess that tells me the women think they ought to be in charge of things. Makes sense. They usually are.

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