Letter: Further concerns with Cardiff Road sign location

Despite the response I received on my 3rd attempt of contacting the Town about the extended 50km/h speed sign just east past South Glens I am just as irked as I was before. I feel as though I was given the brushoff and even though I included the original letter to the editor from Colette Bachand as well as the other comments I feel as though Mr. Schaefer did NOT address the concern about the issue being the extended 50km speed PAST the South Glens entrance travelling east.

In my letter to David Schaefer, Director of Corporate Operations, I wrote:

“Near the end of July the 50km speed limit on Cardiff Road heading east was extended beyond where it had been with no notice and from what I can determine no logic. There is no residential or commercial activity, just fields so it could not be for a safety reason.

“By coincidence, at the same time we have seen more radar trap presence at that location?

“What is it going to take for this decision to be reconsidered?

“As a Cardiff Echoes resident for the past 35 years I just do not understand the logic of this change nor do I understand why there was no notice to drivers of the pending change.

“Please advise me why the 50km was extended heading east beyond the South Glens entrance where only fields exist.”

I included copies of the Morinville News letter to the editor on the issue.

In his response, Mr. Schaefer thanked me, said there had been complaints about people speeding past the South Glens entrance and indicated that the speed enforcement areas & amounts had not changed.

How can folks travelling east be speeding past the entrance when the original 80km posted sign was positioned already past the entrance? Why did the 50km need to be extended even further east where only open fields are on both sides of the road?

Why there was no advance notification to drivers of the change.

It seems as though this was considered to be just an obvious opportunity for the Town to generate more revenue through photo radar.

It is the residents of Cardiff & Cardiff Echoes who have been negatively affected and I wonder what it is going to take to have this decision re-examined. Maybe the 200 plus residents need to organize a petition to present to council?

Linda Osland

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  1. Comment to all – There will be a petition hitting the streets next week regarding the use of photo enforcement. We are requesting a new bylaw to have all traffic enforcement done by either the RCMP or the Community Peace Officers, thus eliminating the use of photo radar or red light camera enforcment.

    If you want to either sign the petition or assist us, please contact either Cliff Haryett or Linda Lyons at (780)939-6885.

    I want to state clearly that we are not against speed enforcement or safety, but are tired of being ignored when requesting additional safety in areas other than high revenue.

    Linda and Cliff

  2. Re: petition…

    Now THAT should separate the bullshit from the buckwheat!

    Given Morinville’s population (approximately 8,500 or so) and the rules concerning petitions, all that’s needed are about 900 signatures and Council MUST deal with this issue!

    So folks – the ball will shortly be in YOUR court!

    Power To The People??

  3. They(private company) take a picture of my vehicle, send info to town of Morinville and they in turn mail it to me, accuse me of breaking the law. I then have to go to court to plead my case to a judge (non elected official)…The way the world runs strife with corruption and greed how fast was my car really moving?I do not trust these maggot photo radar operators and the town of
    Morinville. If everyone fights their tickets and signs the petition things will change.

  4. With the election up and coming, Morinville residents need to do their research. Who has a holistic outlook for your town? Who has your community and the supporting communities in mind? How can you make them work for the betterment of your life and your Neighbours? Who has realistic short and long term projections? Our peace officers and RCMP are employed for a reason! I received the video clip from an RCMP…..now what does that tell you??? We’ve seen articles such as ‘A Town Divided’. Do we really want to see ‘Communities Divided’?! I don’t think so. Do your research. Make an INFORMED decision and truly speak through this petition, but also through your vote. That black ink can speak volumes!

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