Joe Morinville


joethumbThe summer is over now and we’ll have to wait until next year for more summer blockbuster movies to go see and pay $40 for a tub of popcorn at. All that’s left now are boring Academy Award type movies for snobby folk. Made me think about some of the movies over the years and who here in Morinville might play the parts.

1 One of my favourite movies is Planet of the Apes. Not that one they made about 10 years ago with the boy band fellow. I’m talking about the good one with Chuck Heston. Our old Mayor Lloyd Bertschi always struck me as the Chuck Heston type and our new Mayor Gordon Boddez would make a good Dr. Zaius. That’s actually a compliment for both of them.

2 J.J. Abrams is supposed to be making a new Star Wars picture and judging by all the Star Wars pictures on the wall over at the Green Bean, Doug Adsit could play one of the parts. Maybe he could be the new Obi Wan Kenobi. “These are the sandwiches you are looking for!”

3 They made a movie with Tom Cruise where he plays a rock star. We all know a certain local musican/businessman/festival chair who would be a shoe-in for the role, but the editor said I can’t name him because people are complaining he’s in the paper too much. But his name rhymes with Small Pith.

4 They are also making a remake of Robocop. I hope it’s as good as the first one. I think they ought to cast one of our Community Peace Officers in it. They are like Robocops, particularly if they catch you. I’d say one of our photo radar guys could do the part, but no casting director can find them hiding behind signs and buidings like they do. Maybe they’ll remake the movie Speed and then they’ll pop out.

5 I never seen that Life of Pi movie about a lad living in a canoe with a tiger because it is a stupid idea, but Kelley from Kelley’s Deli and Bakery would be perfect for a movie called Life of Pie. Good pies.

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