Letter: More variety needed in businesses

Why is it that Morinville has several liquor [stores], restaurants, bars, gas stations and hair salons, but there is nowhere to buy cloths for the family. We are asked to support Morinville. I know if I need to get clothes for the family I go to St. Albert, then I get my groceries, my gas and liquor. It is sad but that is the way a lot of people shop.

Deby Dzeryk

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  1. Deby, while I agree we have too many of the types of stores we have and not enough of others, the sad truth is business people will only open businesses they think will succeed. (And isn’t that kind of a sad statement in and of itself considering the stores you mentioned?) If past history in Morinville is any indicator, even if we have a clothing store open up it won’t be there for long. I certainly hope we get more in the way of variety of stores but I won’t be holding my breath on that one.

  2. I commiserate with Deby and agree with Christian.

    I’ve said it many times in the past and I will continue to say it in the future – Morinville is, has and will likely always be, very much a bedroom community.

    This is not being negative, because we truly have a wonderful and vibrant community. It is simply a function of where MOST residents of Morinville work (not IN Morinville) and our proximity to St. Albert which, as everyone is well aware, has all of the shopping one could hope for.

    I, for one, will be extremely interested in exactly how our newly-hired Economic Development Coordinator intends to handle this situation!

  3. This is really a matter of people getting involved and invested in Morinville. This argument falls apart a little from the perspective that gas, liquor, groceries, etc. are weekly type purchases and clothing is a less frequent purchase. On the three weeks a month that you don’t purchase clothing are you grocery shopping locally? Is the average person that sees Morinville a bedroom community? I doubt it. The grocery store we use tends to be a habitual type behaviour.

    With the utmost respect I ask why you want soemone to risk everything, investing their entire livelyhood into creating a clothing store in morinville when 80% of the community won’t invest their grocery money into Morinville.

    In my opinion each business owner and resident that must take some responsibility for creating a Morinville that is unique, vibrant, and interesting enough that people want to be involved and invest their hearts into every aspect of the town. Spending money in town is only a fraction of the equation. Getting involved in activities, concerts, sports, festivals and creating the things you wish to see is as important. When people are passionate about their community they will invest in it making it sussessful.

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