Letter: Global Cardboard Challenge



Last October, Morinville participated in the first annual Global Cardboard Challenge initiated by Imagination Foundation and inspired by Caine’s Arcade. I was happy to organize the local event to celebrate a Global Day of Play that drew approximately 30 people from the Edmonton area to build with recyclables and imagination in the Morinville Public Elementary School Gym. Last year’s challenge saw communities from 40 countries come together in the name of recycling and play. This year, Imagination Foundation is teaming up with Australian toy company, Makedo, to reach the goal of involving one million kids across 70 countries in the activity.

I am not able to organize an event this year, but I would like to challenge each one of you to bring this idea into your own homes. You have until Oct. 5 to make your own cardboard game or activity and submit a photo to staceybuga@hotmail.com, or share with 123learn on Facebook. Every creation entered will win a prize! Be sure to stop by This&That to pick up a Makedo kit for yourself and get building!

You can learn more about Caine’s arcade and Imagination Foundation at www.imagination.is

Stacey Buga

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