Seven to run for five seats in Legal

Carol Tremblay
Curtis Epp
ken baril-web
Ken Baril
Kurtis Hauptman
Pat hills-web
Pat Hills
tina hills-web
Tina Hills
trina jones-web
Trina Jones

by Lucie Roy

Legal – Nomination Day in Legal for the office of Councillor had three seeking re-election: Trina Jones, Ken Baril and Carol Tremblay. Throwing their hat in the ring with them are Kurtis Hauptman, Tina Hills, Curtis Epp and Pat Hills. Legal has a different format in that they elect five councillors and those elected decide on who will hold the position of mayor.

Currently the Deputy Mayor of Legal, Trina Jones is seeking re-election. She was first elected in 2010 and said she is working on the 5-10 -20 year plan for the foundation of Legal and is not done yet.

Kurtis Hauptman grew up in Legal and is currently employed in Edmonton. He ran in the 2012 by election. He wants the town to continue the good work they are doing and to continue with the many projects and be a part of the process. Some projects he would like to see includes a pathway, splash park and to attract more families to town.

Tina Hills has been a resident in Legal since 1998. She is running for Council to be a voice for young families and explore opportunities to keep the community growing.

Ken Baril is seeking re-election. He has served six years to date and says continuity is important in moving forward.

Carol Tremblay is seeking re-election in Legal. She completed eight months on Council after winning a seat in the by-election. She has been a Legal resident most of her life. She wants to make a Legal a thriving community and look at regrow in residential and commercial development.

Curtis Epp is a 29-year Legal resident who works in Legal. He wants to get the ambulance back in town, and work towards more wheelchair accessibility in commercial buildings, fix roads and listen to what the people want.

Pat Hills is a 55-year Legal resident who owns a small commercial business and also works in Legal. Pat Hills says he would like to see the town grow. Hills was the seventh person to put his name forward for one of the five vacant Council positions on nomination day in Legal.

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