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joethumbNo two ways about it, we are now on the inside edge of election time in Morinville, a time when normal folks and not so normal folks start knocking on doors looking for our support on the ballot. Now I wrote this before nominations closed, but it looks to me like we could have as many running for Council this time as what voted in the election last time. Here’s what I think about campaign time.

1 Now the province went and changed the term to four years instead of three, which means we have to put up with them a year longer. That’s not so good if they’re a bunch of bums and do-nothings. But now they want to move the election to the spring next time. Great. Now we’ll elect them just in time for summer recess.

2 I wish the election was in November. That way these candidates would be door knocking on Halloween. Then you could just hand them one of them little bags of potato chips that wouldn’t fill a hollow tooth, tell them you like their costume, and shut the door. And why are those Halloween chips so small? You got to eat a half dozen bags to make it worth while.

3 I like the idea of candidates in Halloween costumes. Then you could vote for the candidate with the best Halloween mask instead of the best phony mask they all put on when they’re trying to earn your vote.

4 I’m going to vote for whichever one has an answer on how we get a sock store in town. People sure seem to be crying for a sock store. Heard that in the last election, too. Folks were calling for a place to buy socks back when we had a store that sold socks. I think maybe they ought to put a sock in it on the sock store. Or maybe put their money where their mouth is and open a sock store of their own. Then they will find out why there isn’t one here already.

5 Best thing about the election is maybe I will get a new editor instead of the lump of idiot I got now.

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  1. The Guardian Drug Store in town here offers a large racks of socks, pants and some ladies sweaters, etc. They also have a nice selection of shoes. They have been doing a great job of bringing in clothing racks and the selection rotates to the weather and seasonal requirements. Might not suit everyone but is available.

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