Guest Editorial: Mayoral Candidate Lisa Holmes

The Morinville News is opening its next two print editions to guest editorials from all four mayoral candidates. Yesterday’s online edition editorial was from Sheldon Fingler. Today is a a guest editorial from Lisa Holmes. Next week’s print edition will offer spots to Carrie Foss and Christa Naughton.

Lisa Holmes-webIn 2010 I ran for Town Council because I love this community. As residents, you put your trust in me and elected me to represent you on Council. Now, three years later, I know that you have seen that I am a committed, passionate and strong elected official who proudly represents Morinville with integrity and openness. I am asking you to give me a new mandate, to take the experience and education that I have, to become Morinville’s next Mayor.

Throughout my three years on Council, I’ve shown my dedication to our community by attending every single Council meeting, being visible and accessible, and supporting every community event that I could. I know that people trust that I have done my job, read the information presented to me, prepared in every way possible to make what I know to be the right decisions for our community. This is the sort of trust that you can’t just give an Elected Official – they have to earn it. I’ve earned it.

The last Council spent a lot of time and effort to build the solid foundation on which our vision for Morinville will be built – but there is so much work yet to do. In order for Morinville to be the strong, successful, complete community that we all want, we need to do things better and we need to get them done faster. Let’s start with getting more open with our decision making and more focused on feeling like we all get value for the tax dollars that we pay. Let’s have the hard conversations about how we are going to pay for a recreation facility, how we can use photo radar as more of a safety tool, how we can offer the youth of our town the best possible springboard to become successful and responsible citizens. Let’s see some of these long term plans and discussions actually come to fruition with a Council that is effective and decisive.

I know that my style of leadership is what we need right now. We need a Mayor who is open, collaborative and puts the needs of residents first. Many members of our next elected Council will be new to their roles and it is critical that someone with experience on Council provides the leadership Morinville resident’s demand and deserve. We need a leader who will help Morinville to maintain the unique character, progressive identity and traditions that we have as we continue to grow.

I love our community. Like many of you, Thomas and I chose Morinville as the home we wanted to raise our family in. I want to see this town that we love protected and nurtured because it is that love of community that set us apart from everywhere else. Please take a moment to read through my ideas on how we can work together to make our town stronger and more successful at Once you do, I’m confident that on October 21st, you will vote Holmes for Mayor.

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  1. Mrs. Holmes, it is refreshing to read such candor and honesty in your editorial today. I see you made the statement that; “The last Council spent a lot of time and effort to build the solid foundation on which our vision for Morinville will be built” This statement is factually and grammatically correct. The use of the adjective “our” in this statement refers to the “last council” NOT the people of Morinville. The issue I and from what I have heard around town a lot of Morinville residents have is they do not want to continue to be force fed the vision embraced by the “last council”. This hypothesis can be proven by another of your statements’; “Many members of our next elected Council will be new to their roles” . Previous to this statement you say; “I know that my style of leadership is what we need right now”. After the clear statement earlier in your editorial to wanting to continue the “last councils” work I can only summize that the “we” in this statement also refers to that group. You also reference “your style of leadership” I believe the residents of Morinville were exposed to your style of leadership earlier this summer, when due the unfortunate death of the town Mayor a situation requiring true leadership. was created. NONE of our existing town council member stepped forward to LEAD the community and steer the town through the not always calm waters of the capital region. Waiting to see what direction the crowd is moving in and then running to the front of the group is indeed a style so I must again praise you for you candor, although similar to skinny ties and sweater vests it is not a style I or many others would embrace.
    In conclusion I must commend Mrs. Holmes for such an open and revealing editorial. Morinville we have been informed of the vision that Lisa Holmes has for this community it is now OUR decision if it is what WE want.

  2. I feel given the opportunity, Lisa Holmes would lead this town into a community I am proud to be part of. Not only is she a Mom, she is a leader and mentor. Other than Stephen Dafoe ( owner of paper), Lisa is the only council member to boast 100% attendance at meetings. She is diplomatic, strong, active, educated, fair and the RIGHT choice for our town. I don’t want more of the same, but rather, a council who walks the walk and doesn’t roll their eyes at one another. I have sat in town meetings and as far as I am concerned, Mrs. Holmes was the only one with class and tact. You are what we need in this town Lisa, I know you have the brains, passion, and social accountability we deserve. Best wishes!

  3. As a former member of the Library Board, I’ve had the opportunity to see Lisa in action. She is intelligent, personable, speaks sparingly, is always listening and contemplative. She works in a co-operative manner and is open to new ideas, points of view and applies critical thinking skills (far too rare a trait IMHO) to issues. These are qualities I find to be very desirable in a mayoral candidate.

    As for the specific issue of the vote regarding the potential appointment of a new Mayor after the passing of His Worship Paul Krauskopf, it is clear that some information and clarification is needed by the general public. I attended that meeting and like many residents of Morinville I was disappointed at the outcome, that being to delay the matter. However, the Deputy Mayor, Lisa Holmes sat as the Chair of the meeting. The Council consisted of five people, Councillors Boddez, Boutestien, Fingler and Pattison as well as the Deputy Mayor, Lisa Holmes sitting as the Chair. The motion to delay the appointment of a new Mayor had two Councillors in support and two opposed. In accordance with Robert’s Rules and tradition the Chair generally casts a ballot only to show unanimity on a motion or to break a tie. The rule of thumb in breaking a tie is to vote for the status quo, that is to maintain things as they are unless an exceptionally strong, compelling and urgent reason to change circumstances can be demonstrated. Hence, Lisa made the correct vote, albeit it resulted in an outcome I was disappointed in.

    So, while the outcome of the vote was disappointing, Lisa acted in good faith and in accordance with established procedure and tradition.

  4. Go Lisa Holmes!! You have proven yourself over the last 4 years. You are the ONLY worthy canidate! We cant wait to have a smart woman as our Mayor!! Go Lisa Holmes!!GO LISA HOLMES!!!!

  5. Don, if the death of a sitting Mayor is not a compelling reason for a leadership showing vote. Then what would you consider to be one?

  6. Personally I found Miss Holmes not stepping up after our mayors death very noble as she’d already publicly made it clear that she intended to run for this post in the election. Her stepping up at that point would have given her an unfair edge on the competition for this election and her not stepping into that role that should go to the deputy mayor showed me her integrity and desire for a fair race during Regis coming election. I for one was impressed. Less so with the rest if council who bickered like schoolgirls over it and would prefer out town be left in limbo.

  7. Don, NOT so!!!

    The Municipal government act, does not allow any member of council to abstain on a vote. If present, you MUST vote.

  8. “Dave”–your anonymous letter serves as nothing more than a reminder that ACTIONS speak louder then WORDS. You sit behind your computer screen and critique the hard work of others. You so eloquently identify the shortcomings of our current leadership, yet fail to mention how YOU will contribute to this underlying vision (you reference) moving forward. The problem with your approach “Dave” is it’s grounded in a false reality.

    My guess is “Dave” received an A- in an undergraduate creative writing class a couple years ago and has enjoyed reading his words ever since. “Dave” subscribes to the Wallstreet Journal and The Times on his IPhone and is therefore entitled to speak on all things worldly. The reality is, “Dave” isn’t interested in contributing to his community–rather, he enjoys critisizing those who do. When “Dave” isn’t listening to vinyl in his parent’s basement, he’s sitting at Starbucks drinking $5 frappuccinos while telling anyone who will listen that he recycles. The thing is, it’s easy to be “Dave”. If you’re reading this “Dave” and are looking to align yourself with the public sentiment, power off your computer, take off your slippers, and get involved!

  9. In the real world “Dave”, you’re either part of the problem or part of the solution. Pick a lane!

  10. I take a different angle on what happened this summer. Our town lost a mayor and long time citizen. There was absolutely no reason to select a Mayor during the special council meeting that was called. The summer had arrived and with it little immediate council business. Let a family and community grieve without jumping up to replace Paul immediately. That is what happened and I am grateful for it. As Deputy Mayor, Lisa fulfilled the duties required without replacing our deceased Mayor and a role that I am sure was difficult.

  11. Hey Moe, well said!

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard you vent like that before… pending parenthood seems to agree with you!

    Just make sure that you and Momma get out to vote on the 21st!

  12. Funny that “Dave” seems to think that immediate action should have been taken after the death of our Mayor. Why? What was happening that was relevant within the 3 weeks of next council?? NOTHING. Goes to show how insensitive and greedy some people are. Those are the type of BABIES I do not want representing this town. There was absoulutly NO reason that a special meeting needed to be called or forced into happening. These demands came from people who only care about themselves and thier egos(the billboards around town show perfect examples). Lisa did what any level headed, mature and respectable human would do. She didnt rush into wanting the spot light like some extremely childish council members did. Greedy “buisnessmen” do not need to run this town ……the experienced and educated do and will. Thank You Lisa Holmes for continuing to show cuth and leadership. You have my vote. People are catching on to the greed. Keep your head up high lady!

  13. There are too many “Dave”‘s in our community and not enough Lisa’s.

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