Guest Editorial: Mayoral Candidate Carrie Foss

Carrie Foss-webHello Morinville,

This opportunity to share with you through the media is something that I am grateful for. It offers me a chance for you to know me a bit better.

I moved to Morinville in 1999 and chose to stay here. Why? From day one I felt a sense of community here. With my choice to stay, I also chose to get involved. I was raised in a home with the belief in civic responsibility, and to be the best citizen I could be, so I volunteer. I give of my time, energy and finances to help others in need.

As I said, I have a strong belief in civic responsibility. I believe that the ‘civil servant’ who is what an elected official is, is supposed to serve the community. I have a proven track record of service to this community.

Over the course of the past few years I have felt a true lack of community in Morinville. I found out recently I am not alone in this belief as the residents of Heritage Place Lodge posed this question to me. “How can we reclaim that small town feeling?” I find this disheartening.

My response to them, and to you is, elect people who want the small town feeling of community. There is growth coming to our town, that is bound to happen; but how we deal with it is something we need to decide together. I believe that Morinville can reclaim that small town feeling if we work together as a community. Listening to what the residents want is the most imperative step in this process. And something that many residents have told me they feel is not happening.

Through my volunteer work, I have also proven myself to be a leader. I have never been asked to be a leader, I just naturally am. When I make a commitment, I follow through. I believe that actions speak louder than words and know through the actions I have taken, I am not only a leader but one with integrity.

A natural leader is something this town has asked for. We learned there was a lack of leadership in our council when they, as a group, were unable to make a decision as to who would step up and be the interim mayor in July. Leadership is the ability to work together with a group of people and guide them. When this town needed a captain in the mayor’s seat, none showed. A council that works together can accomplish a great deal. A council that has no proven guide will remain stalemated, which is what we saw.

What you’ve read here is small piece of what I have to offer Morinville. I understand what is required of this position, and would be privileged to give my time and resources as your Mayor! On October 21st make your voice count. Vote Foss for Mayor!

I chose Morinville. I’m asking Morinville to choose me!

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