Letter: Voting for those you believe in

As our Civic Election draws closer, I have been thinking about the voting process and realize that many people may be unaware of exactly how it works. In Morinville we do not have a ward system and therefore six councillors will be elected based on the total number of votes each of them receive. With this being said, I encourage each and every one of the residents of Morinville to vote ONLY for the candidate or candidates you believe in. We do not have to put six marks on the ballot form for Councillors and one for the Mayor in order to elect the Town Council. We only need to check off whom we really want. Six Councillors and one Mayor will still be elected even if you only picked one. On October 21st, please go out and vote and please ensure that you feel comfortable that whom you are choosing will be our best representatives. These people will be on Council for the next four years.

Paula Hittinger

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  1. I like the idea of wards as it may make councillors more accountable to the people they represent. My only concern is that some would become fixated on having things done in their ward at the expense of others. But overall, I like the idea.

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