Our Morinville

reflection2-webAugust winner Tracy Reaume and her family selected the September winner of our photo feature. Henry Kieftenbeld’s photos of flowers reflected in flower drops was the clear winner of this month’s Shop in Morinville $100 gift certificate. Mr Kieftenbeld has been contacted to select which Morinville business he would like his $100 gift certificate from.

Uncommon bird
Wendy Jackman sent this picture taken on the north edge of the fish and game pond. “When I looked up the bird’s name in the Birds of Alberta field book I discovered it was called a Sora,” Wendy tells us.

Working the field
Last month’s photo winner Henry Kieftenbeld sent us three photos. The first is called Putting in Some Late Hours.

Bringing in the wheat
Henry’s second photo gives us a close up view of the wheat being brought in.

A Harvest Sunset
Henry’s last entry shows the harvest day coming to an end with the setting sun at Riviere Qui Barre.

Cattails in the park
Our Morinville regular Frank Koenig sent us this shot of cattails in Cardiff Park.

Foraging for food
Frank also sent us this shot of a blue jay that came for a quick visit, looking for food in his backyard.

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