Column: Joe Morinville


joethumbWith the election over with we can all go back to raking up the leaves and getting ready for winter. This week I’m looking at all the signs the election is over and winter is coming.

1 There are no more lawn signs bending over to the ground every time the wind whips around. Only people are doing that. It sure has been windy. I raked my leaves up out of the yard and I raked my neighbour’s what blew from his yard into my yard. If the wind had changed direction, I’d be raking the other neighbour’s leaves too. Mind you, it’d be better than raking up lawn signs.

2 I guess they got a rule where the election signs have to all be picked up in a day or two. I wish they had a rule about that with the yo yos what put flyers on the light posts downtown. Some of them is getting pretty old. I’m sure I seen one faded one advertising a band at the Frontiersman, and those of you as old as me know how old that ought to be.

3 Another sign the election is done is the only people knocking on our doors are people trying to get us to buy stuff we don’t really want. Wait, that’s not really that different than when the candidates were doing it.

4 Speaking of selling stuff. A sure sign winter is coming is when you can go to the store and buy Halloween candy and Christmas decorations at the same time. Seems like every year the Christmas stuff comes out earlier and earlier. Expect in a few years Christmas in July won’t be all that unique an idea for a sale. It’ll be when they start selling wrapping paper.

5 Speaking of starting stuff early, I suppose with Council being sworn in Oct. 29, they’ll start campaigning for 2017 right away. Sweet Christmas, I sure hope not.

6 Two weeks with six on my list, if you keep count.

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