COLUMN: Please allow me to introduce myself

Some of you will recognize my name because it has recently appeared under a number of articles in this newspaper. Others are reading it for the first time here and now. Whichever the case, I am a newcomer to this publication so I’m asking for a minute of your time to introduce myself.

Let me begin by explaining what I believe my role as a writer is. To fill the role of a freelance journalist, a person must uphold certain responsibilities. For one, they need to produce timely work so that residents have access to current information. They also have to be aware of what is happening across the community and to think critically about those happenings. But most important, the foundation of their writing has to be built with honesty and integrity because to deliver the news you must tell the truth.

I’ve earned a Bachelor’s degree with distinction from the University of Alberta, having majored in Comparative Literature with a minor in English. After graduating, I was determined to give back to my family and neighbors by serving them. I wanted to be in a position where my skill set and passion would be put to good use. In only a few short weeks, the answer became clear: I was going to become a freelance journalist.

I started at the Morinville News more than six months ago. To date, I have written a variety of articles, particularly for this past election and in the Arts & Lifestyle section. With every piece, I’ve made sure to adhere to the responsibilities of a freelance journalist. I do this because I enjoy my job and I want to be good at it. I was honoured when publisher Stephen Dafoe announced that I would begin reporting on Town Council meetings after the election. This type of coverage demands the best from a journalist and that is what I will give to you: I promise to provide current local news with the highest integrity and I look forward to serving you.

– Ashley M. Janes

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  1. A female perspective will be nice! Just joking Stephen!

    Welcome Ashley you must be very special as Stephen would not hand over his creation to just any body.

    I know you will feel the Spirit of Morinville and share that through the electronic and written word!

    “Be Safe”
    Ron Cust

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