Driver charged in early morning collision

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Community Peace Officers, Police and fire crews attended the collision scene.

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Morinville News Staff story

Morinville – A 27-year-old driver was given a pair of tickets and a 24-hour license suspension Wednesday morning after a collision at the intersection of 100 Avenue and 100 Street. The Morinville Fire Department and Morinville RCMP were called to the scene of the collision around 9:10 a.m. Oct. 23.

Morinville RCMP Constable Yelena Avoine said the driver who resides in Edmonton was charged with one count of careless driving and one count of stunting. He was also issued a 24-hour license suspension because his driving ability was affected by a medical condition.

Police allege the driver stunted near the Royal Bank on 101 Street, leaving rubber on the road, before heading off eastbound. RCMP also allege the driver ran a red red light at 100 Avenue and 100 Street before striking a passenger vehicle at the intersection.

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Residents near the Sobeys were the first responders on the scene of a two-vehicle collision Wednesday morning.

collision 2-web
A resident calls 911 from the scene.

Vehicle tracks at the intersection of the Royal Bank where the truck is alleged to have burned rubber before heading eastbound down Main Street.

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  1. The driver left nearly 1cm of rubber on the road by the bank. If convicted he/she should lose their licence permanently. They are a hazard. Can anyone explain how photo radar would have stopped this? In-person enforcement definitely could have made a difference.

  2. Don: This incident has absolutly nothing to do with photo radar. Speed was not a factor, simple case of some idiot being an ass behind the wheel. Or we can follow your logic, in suspending all licences for those who speed. The stats that speed kills are much more established than the stats for senseless acts. Maybe that would put an end to eveyone belly aching over the tickets they got for not being able to follow simple rules while driving.

  3. Give it up Don.

    Except for a few wanted changes to how photo radar is employed, most want it used as a tool to slow people down.

  4. Actually, I’ve not received a photo radar ticket, but thanks for assuming. The point I was making is that in-person enforcement is immediately effective. The driver would have been pulled over when he/she left the bulk of their tires by the bank, two blocks from the collision scene.

  5. Don your point is a valid observation!

    If you look at the entire picture of safety and I do not think photo radar is the be all end all for any community it should only be a piece of the overall tools avaliable.

    Safety is a combination of education and real people in the community that are seen as part of the community. Other communities are not leaving the care and safety of the community in the care of non resident photo radar companies, they are talking and looking at the evidence in front of them, which I understand the town now doing as well.

    We all care about the safety of the community so in my mind fighting with each other is not community, talking about solutions is! Don,Tim,Joe, from my vantage point you are all right!

    Cheers and wish your neighbour a good day!

    Take the plate number of stunting vehicles and report them as soon as possible. Hopefully it will not be me and my convertable, LOL


  6. Speeding is a safety issue. However photo radar changes the focus from safety to a revenue stream. Does anyone think that the private photo radar operator’s primary concern is safety? It is obviously profit. If it was safety they would take photos at locations where safety is a concern. Take photos on 100th Ave by the Post Office not on the East end as people leave town.
    The town receives approximately a million dollars from fines each year. A big part of this is photo radar tickets. The photo radar private operator receives a large sum of money as well. Wouldn’t it make more sense to drop the operator’s contract and hire more Peace Officer’s? The private operator only takes pictures during daylight hours when the weather is nice. Speeders have quickly learned when they can and cannot speed. Peace Officer’s don’t have that limitation. And hopefully more Peace Officer’s would prevent at least a portion of incidents like this one. Likely nobody died.

  7. Let’s be realistic for a minute here. The chances of an Officer being in the right place at the right time to catch the driver of that truck before he caused the accident aren’t good. We may not be a very large town but we certainly aren’t tiny. The argument that photo radar can’t stop this kind of thing but actual enforcement can is not very accurate. While I would love to see photo radar used exclusively as a tool for safety I honestly believe that would be largely ineffective anyway. People only slow down if they bother to notice, whether it be photo radar or actual officers, and most don’t bother. This is why we have so many fines being handed out. I would like to see actual officers in the school zones instead of photo radar. Catch THOSE ones now and fast, protect our children. Use photo radar everywhere else in town, safety concern or not. If you are speeding you deserve a ticket, plain and simple! If people would rather pay a fine than slow down why shouldn’t we get some little benefit from it?

  8. The fact that all of you judge this person based on a false news story blows my mind , The R.C.M.P who attended the scene are alot like the people who are commenting on this story when you dont have a clue .This person had suffured a metical emergancy which caused the collison . The R.C.M.P in morinville , The EMS responders , the citizens on site and the morinville news paper should be ashammed of them selfs . I just hope no one ever has to experience anyone in morinville when they are in medical distress or in need .

  9. This is coming from someone who knows everything about this incident in question. He/she is not at fault, but thank you all for assuming that he is a monster on the road!!! he was in a medical state of shock!!!

  10. Jeff, what sort of medical emergency was he experiencing that permitted the alleged laying down of rubber near the bank and driving thru a red light? How do you come by this information? Maybe you should speak to the police and defend him if his acts are somehow justified? Also, the incidents are alleged at the moment not proven, so we are allowed to voice our opinions on things that happen. Guilt isn’t established because we have opinions, nor do we presume it to be. I think your comments are a little off base.

  11. i saw this idiot(red truck) yesterday morning, i was about 15 metres away when he came from the parking lot RBC and made this stunt. i was looking because of it, then he was standing for a while at 100 street and his whole car started smoking because of the rubber. what an idiot!

  12. jeff, where do you get your informations. medical condition can mean he was under the influence of drugs or whatever. i saw him coming from the parking lot and how he did it(i don;t think he had a medical condition like an stroke or whatever, it looked like he wanted to make the big show), then he where going in direction 100 street.where standing there for about 1 minute, the car made stupid noises and there were smoke everywhere, then he turned southbound and that’s it.what happened after i didn’t see.but from my looks when he left the rbc parking lot he wasn’t in any medical emergency state!

  13. Well Jeff, you somehow seem to have an inside scoop on the condition of this driver. Perhaps you would like to share it. Because if the RCMP are laying false charges then I’m sure this community would be interested in helping him, making things right.

    • Diabetic attack. He was found not guilty and nothing came of it but the embarrassment of the city of morniville and it’s judging , closed minded horrible residents

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