Cultural Centre packs the house with dinner theatre

The head of the newly-formed Morinville Volunteer Police Brigade sneaks up on the assassin.

Photos by Stephen Dafoe

Morinville – If an actor falls in the Cultural Centre, does anyone hear it? Such a question was a reasonable one Saturday night when Slixer Entertainment’s cast of actors came to town for the centre’s first sold out event of the 2013-2014 performance series.
A Little Murder on the Menu mixed a roast beef and chicken buffet provided by Green Bean Catering with a pre-Halloween murder mystery provided by Slixer. The former received rave reviews from diners, the latter numerous grumbles about not being able to hear the dialogue and clues due to audio feedback from the troupe’s sound system.

Despite the squelching of the microphones and speakers, laughter in the hall proved Slixer resonated with their Morinville audience as participants tried to figue out just who did it in the comedy Whodunnit.

The paid hitman was a hit with the audience.

That is until he hit the floor, dead at the police officer’s hand.

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  1. First event at the CCC that I have attended that I DID NOT feel was worth the money.
    The theater part was terrible. Their audio was inaudible, and that was the good part because when it was there, there was so much interference it hurt my ears. (they insisted to use their own sound system, . . . . .mistake)

    Then, there was the food! Or should I say there was no food. Our table went through the food line about 3/4 through the line. The Greek salad was empty, cheese tray was empty, then the potatoes were empty, then there was no desert, then it took three different people on three different occasions, to get everyone a cup of coffee who wanted one at our table.

  2. I’m with Joe. The murder mystery was impossible to follow because you couldn’t hear them. The food was pretty good, what there was of it when my table, the last to go up, got to it. Half of the platters were empty. Sorry I paid $80.00 to go.

  3. First time I am guessing with that size of crowd.

    I trust the lessons will be learnt as the those in my family had similiar comments not excatly as Joe’s but the same wave length.

  4. Yes the audio was brutal. I hope the entertainment company will give a price break or make it up to us in future. That would be the business thing to do.

    I was at the back of the room and we were feed like kings! If my understanding is correct people were piling food on their plates like famine was imminent. As Ron said I expect lessons will be learned.

    Luckily for Morinville, poor audio and lagging food is the exception and not the rule.

    For those of you who were there and are still wondering who dunnit? The audio engineer killed the butler in the kitchen with a wireless mic:).

  5. I would like my money back, not a credit for the MCCC in the future. I was not fed like a king and I don’t think I should have to pay for those who piled their plates high while I had a severe lack of choice. I could not hear anything except the high pitched squealing of the speakers which was directly behind me. And I had no idea what was going on! I didn’t feel the ‘actors’ explained their story, if they did at all. I was very disappointed with this experience and the $40/ticket makes it that much worse.

  6. To be clear I was not asking for my money back. I am advocating that the CCC gets treated well by the acting company.

    When you go see a bad movie you don’t get your money back. Occasionally you’ll get less then stellar service at a great place. There needs to be room for that in life IMO.

  7. The SAME Mellissa again spouting negativity? You seem to have this entitlement syndrome. Get over yourself already.Grow up! Many people had a GREAT time at the event and have heard great reviews despite the minor technicalitlties.

  8. Okay, that’s enough of that. It’s not an entitlement syndrome to expect to receive something you actually enjoy and want for your money spent. Apparently you need to wrap your mind around the fact that not everyone was pleased with the Show Amber. You may have enjoyed and some others may have too, but some of us didn’t enjoy the experience much because of more than minor technical difficulties. Melissa is not the only one to feel she didn’t get her moneys worth. Comments posted earlier make that clear.

  9. Perhaps those people were sitting in a different area than I then. The MCCC is quite large so it is entirely possible that some may have enjoyed the evening while others did not. I was sitting along the edge and one of the last tables to eat. I can surely see how someone sitting in the middle near the beginning of the food line would have had a much different experience than I did.

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