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Best Buy giving
The North Edmonton Best Buy on 137 Avenue has partnered with Morinville Public Elementary School, providing support in various ways. Not only are they helping out the school out with the products they sell in the store, the staff have donated books to the library and they are committed to volunteering at school events.
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Safety meeting
David Schaefer, Morinville’s director of Corporate Operations, and Morinville Community Peace Officers visited Mrs. Monique Webb’s Grade 1 class last week to listen to their presentation on sidewalk safety. The Grade 1s have been exploring the community looking for safe walking routes and noticed there were some areas that needed attention. Schaefer listened to their concerns and gave the children information on how the Town determines where to put crosswalks. He thanked the students for their valuable input and told them that their presentation would be shared the Traffic Safety Committee.
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We Day Gang
Above: We Day participants pose for a group photo Friday. Below: Karah Rogers was one of 22 students from Primeau who attended the We Day held at the Saddledome in Calgary on Thursday. The We Day is a series of stadium-sized events that celebrates the power of youth to create positive change in their local and global communities. The youth cannot buy a ticket to the We Day event, they have to earn it through service. The We Act empowers schools and youth groups to take at least one local and one global action. In turn schools and groups receive mentor support, educational tools and resources to make their We Act commitment reality.
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  1. We are very proud of our granddaughter Emma and other students who earned the privilige of going! I know Emma and her friends plan on going hallowe’en ing to collect food for the food bank! These students are our future. Keep up the great work.

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